We offers the following core services.  If you have any queries regarding them or would like to discuss your particular requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ecological Footprinting

Eco-footprint is a technique that allows diverse individual activities – such as material resource use or transport or a building’s energy demand – to be measured in terms of the global land area required to support that activity.  In effect the ‘global hectare’ becomes the unit of currency within the measured system.  It’s strength is that we know the bottom line – it is finite – the total global land area. 

As an organisation, the size of your eco-footprint tells you whether you are living within your means, whether you are taking more than you fair share on the finite resource – because if you are, someone else is getting less.  Clearly this will be a key criteria for organisations with a progressive Corporate Social Responsibility agenda. 

Eco-footprinting is a powerful technique that can be applied on a wide range of scales; from one site or activity to across a whole organisation, from city-wide and to a  whole region.  The specialists at CW Hayes Associates have been trained to ‘Eco-footprinting Masterclass’ level by one of Europe’s leading proponents of the technique, Best Foot Forward.  We can offer:

•       a low cost eco-footprint micro-audit to establish your potential areas of greatest impact.  Typical costs from £580

•       full eco-footprinting; from a single activity up to your whole organisation

•       carbon footprinting

•      material resource selection and waste analysis 

•       development of strategies to reduce you footprint

Carbon Management

Measure what matters.  In terms of Corporate Social Responsibility, Carbon is the ‘now’ kid on the block.  In order to manage the carbon output created by your organisation’s activities, it first needs to be measured.  We can:

•       implement a carbon audit

•       set up a carbon management framework

•       create a strategy to reduce carbon output

•       offset carbon emissions as an interim solution


Over the last couple of decades the phenomena of Globalisation has shaped much of the thinking of business leaders and government.  The outcome has been increased flows of material resources and products, within regions and around the world

Why Localise ?    These flows of materials and products have been made possible by a plentiful and relatively cheap supply of oil.  However  ‘Peak Oil’ is likely to occur in the next five years – and from there on the oil supply will diminish.  This coupled with the necessity to act to prevent Climate Change, means any business model relying on long supply and delivery chains is going to be very vulnerable – and is likely to be severely adversely affected.  Localisation is the key to survival, and to creating a sustainable business model.  CW Hayes Associates are pioneers in this field; we can:

•      assess the vulnerability of your supply and delivery chains

•       provide specialist advise on localising food chains

•       determine the sensitivity of your business model

•       help develop a re-positioning strategy for a new world where oil is less plentiful

Community & Environment

Successfully empowering disadvantaged communities is a long term process.  However well run and imaginative community projects can have a disproportionately beneficial effect.  We focus on participatory methodology including Participatory Appraisal.  We work hard to facilitate the many unheard voices in a community being part of the collective process – to empowerment.  We can offer:

•       Participatory Appraisal

•       Innovative community environment projects

•      Collaborative projects with environmental NGOs & local government

•       Specialism with traditional orchards